Ethan Flower (Duke Evans)

Ethan was cast in Live Free, Die Hard, and the cult classic Mallrats as well as the Chaos Factor.


Osa Wallander (Leslie)

Osa is an award-winning, Swedish actress, based in Los Angeles. She stars in two upcoming feature films, “Miasm”, a supernatural thriller, and “Ms. Hisspling”, a Swedish feature length drama.


Jenn Gotzon (Rachel)

Jenn Gotzon has starred in films such as Frost/Nixon (Academy-Nominated Best Film 2009), Alone Yet Not Alone (Academy-Nominated Best Song 2014), Doonby and God’s Country.


Eloy Mendez (Alsonso)

Eloy Mendez made his acting debut in the Lionsgate critically acclaimed film Bread and Roses, and has starred in Dishdogz, Medio TiempoPrimo, and Stealing Las Vegas. 


Scoot McNairy (Phil)

Scoot McNairy has starred in films such as Argo (Academy-Award Best Picture 2012), Killing Them Softly, Promised Land, Monsters, and In Search of a Midnight Kiss.


Hope Laubach (Emma)

Hope played Samantha in the film The Things We Left Behind and has worked on I Kid with Brad Garrett.


Dennis Delsing (Sherrif Watson)

A native of Chicago, Dennis is a longtime veteran of the Los Angeles Theatre and indy film scene.


Richard Jones (Officer Hopkins)

Richard is an actor and producer who has appeared in the films Pit StopHappy Voodoo, Thanksgiving, and many more festival giants.


William McKnight (Albert)

Best known for his voicework of medieval men of either a wise old man with/without a stylish UK style accent in animes and video games.